Geneva, Switzerland
Human Rights in Action 2017 - 7th edition
Mon, August 21, 2017
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Youth: one of WFUNA’s key priorities

Since the launch of the International Year of Youth in 2010, the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA), has drastically increased efforts to strengthen its youth network and build the capacity of young leaders to develop and implement projects.

Youth as agents of change: transforming theory into practice!

The annual WFUNA Human Rights Youth Program, implemented continuously since 2011, has reached 135 young leaders and thousands of beneficiaries through the locally implemented participants’ projects. It draws its strength from the high-quality intensive training in Geneva, the thorough selection process of the participants and the support provided on the ground by the dense network of WFUNA’s national United Nations Associations. Most importantly, the program gives a real opportunity to the youth participants to transform theory into practice by implementing a project of their own using the skills and knowledge they have acquired.

Tackling burning Human Rights issues

Through this project WFUNA actively participates to the creation of an enabling environment for civil society to prosper and for its youth to emerge as future empowered leaders. Among the various human rights themes addressed as well as through the projects implemented by the participants, WFUNA particularly focuses on the most pressing issues of the global Human Rights agenda.

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Annina Alasaari
Sapphire Andersen
Fisherman Chiyanike
Hans Peter Christensen
Hans Peter Christensen
Ormond Derrick
Ormond Derrick
Sara Fadhel
Mariachiara Genco
Anoushka Ghonkrokta
Anoushka Ghonkrokta
Vere Marie Khan
Pernille Kristoffersen
Pernille Kristoffersen
Niklas Lundh
Hussein Melele
Roberto Nisi
Roberto Nisi
Samira Orudzheva
Samira Orudzheva
Inessa Pambukhchyan
Thiago Simoes Froio
Pius Suuna
Sarah Whipple
Sarah Whipple